Monday, May 9, 2011

Slippage of Time

I really dislike paying bills. While this certainly isn't a unique sentiment, it's not so much about the payment part. For the items I can't automatically debit, I loathe having to:

1. Locate a checkbook.
2. Write out a check.
3. Find an envelope.
4. Address the envelope (with a hand now cramping because it's unused to using a pen)
5. Search vainly for a stamp.
6. Resort to borrowing a stamp from a co-worker.
7. Walk to the mailbox just after the postal carrier has come for the day.

Today, #4 really got to me...again. I don't really mind penning the recipient's name and address. It's having to write MY name and address that's so frustrating. WHY haven't I gone to Zazzle or one of another billion sites and created self-adhesive return postage labels?

Just moments ago, I vowed to do it. Right now! And then stopped. Because I can't. We're moving.

For the TWELVE years we've lived at this address, I've doggedly written my address over and over and over again on envelopes.

Opportunity lost.

What, you might ask, has this to do with the "farmer wannabee" theme of this blog?

First, I never promised I wouldn't post anything unrelated to our quest for wildness.

That aside, I wonder if I have something to think about, regarding inertia. Have I been sitting behind this computer too long? Is "wannabee" as close as we're gonna get?

Today is my 48th birthday. I don't think things will have changed at my 49th. And that seems more intolerable right now than having to write my return address on yet another envelope.

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