Friday, May 6, 2011

Is It Wrong to Want Cute Livestock?

Farmer Hub is reading a book authored by Sepp Holzer - I don't recall which - and last week showed me a picture that made me melt. It was of a Highland cow and a European variety of miniature cow, peeking out from behind the trees. Oh, the unbearable cuteness!

And just yesterday, I visited the Agarita Creek Farms Web site. It's a "working experiment in self-sufficient and sustainable family farming" (their words, not mine.) And they are raising a terrific heritage breed of cattle: the Dexter. They are small, and (at least some of them) short-legged, and just, well...cute.

A pattern is beginning to emerge. I want a farm that is "cute." The kind of place where animal "stuff" is neatly bagged in sanitary, multi-colored bags. (That's what we do now.)

I imagine a slice of land that is manicured and filled with adorably long-lashed livestock and frisky companion animals with coordinating collars. And butterflies, and rainbows, and unicorns, and...

And there's a problem. Two, actually:

1. Farmer Hub isn't into cute. He's into efficient and expedient. And he's not particularly tidy. I'm not judging. He just doesn't see the need.

2. Animals that are cute are gonna be hard to slaughter.

Hmm. Adjusting to a new aesthetic might be hard.

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